Saturday, October 22, 2005

Investing in new technology. Good idea?

Optware HVD driveI recently read an interesting article from engadget on HVD/HVC or Holographic Versatile Disc/Card format.

The article tells people to invest in this particular company because they promise better storage than the current next-gen media of choice: Blu-ray or HDDVD. The company is looking for venture capitalists and investors to take stock in their company, especially since many big names like Fujifilm and Verbatim are already staking their own claims in HVD/HVC technology. Since they are finally taking the company States-side, we will be able to gain some profit from this. "Buy low, sell high."

However, with the advent of digital distribution, Bill Gates made a recent speech stating that Blu Ray and HDDVD are doomed anyway. This is of concern to me, especially since my parents are in the audio-visual market. How will this affect us? How will this impact our profits? How will this influence our future product lineup? Time will tell. However, I have been gearing up some business proposals that should lick the bottom of the barrel of High-quality consumer-grade entry-level consumer electronics.

Another piece of technology that I have been looking at is the Matrixview company's photo file extension. With better compression than JPEG, BMP, or GIF, it will save space on users' HDD for more important items. Plus, digital camera manufacturers will be able to implement these into cameras allowing for more room to take pics. Sony's memorystick and SD cards will be able to hold more and more files until the space becomes absolutely unlimited. A great outlook on the industry, although one must be wary with all these good ideas floating around. One never knows what may happen to these technologies, they might exit the market with the same stealthiness they used to enter the market in the first place.


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