Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Parents Weekend

Ok, I just finished a crapload of Econ homework. I should be set for the next week or so. Math homework is a different set of problems though (no pun intended), although that’s due next Thursday, so no rush. I also just realized that it is going to be “Family Homecoming Weekend” this weekend. Oh, what fun it’s going to be! No, seriously, I really want a change of pace in my life right now, that’s why I really can’t wait until it’s Thanksgiving break in which I can take a break and step outside of this college campus and back into the swing of city life.

But I was thinking about “Parents Weekend.” I mean, how is that going to be like? My roommates and I have already cleaned up our room (pretty much) and it’s definitely presentable. I little more tidying up and we’re set for cleanest room in the dorm. I have to admit, I still need to get on vacuuming the dorm. You see, I went outside to play some Frisbee on one damp day (it wasn’t raining outside, it was just damp because it rained the day before), and I was wearing my boots. So, naturally, the little pieces of grass stuck on to the sole of the boot and I didn’t realize this as I was walking down the stairs and into my room. Until one of my roommates pointed it out, I was just haphazardly spreading little pieces of green grass all over the dorm. When I went out of our room to survey the damage I had caused, sure enough, there was a trail of twigs and grass coming from the side entrance, down the stairs, and into our room. (Sorry dorm custodians! My bad!)

But it’s not just the cleanliness of our room that bothers me. It’s the cleanliness of EVERYTHING. And by everything, I mean, cleanliness of one’s white board outside his/her room (I mean, no words like “bitch I’m working,” or some kind of variant along those lines), cleanliness of one’s diction, cleanliness of the diction of those around you, etc. To Asian parents, that is surely the mark of how you’re living. If you’re living in a clean environment with ‘upright, decent people’ then you’ve been living a great life. Sadly, this is not the case anywhere except in places like…uh…Singapore. Thus, I cannot wait to see my parents’ reaction to the environ that I live in. I’m assuming that most people will clean up before their own parents arrive, but I don’t know. When visiting Fordham University in New York City, the god-awful smell emanating from the dorm that me and my parents went into was a turn-off enough to put that college on the lower end of ‘places I would want to go to school.’

Then, there comes the necessary trips to Wal-Mart with my parents. That’s going to be one hell of a shopping spree, I can already tell. I’m going to need to buy this, buy that, and buy everything in the store that will help me either: (1) be more productive in my studies (like a chair), (2) help me clean my environment in which I live (like some Lysol or Tilex), (3) some cold weather things (like gloves or a hat), or (4) something that should ‘keep me happy’ in their minds (like more food). I do not mind any of those things, and I shall just let them buy me things and I shall be happily grinning as I think about the upcoming Econ test I will be having or the upcoming rough draft of my East Asian History paper. All in all, I’m happy, I’m content, and I’m glad my parents are visiting.


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