Saturday, October 22, 2005

Ping? Pong?

After an exhilirating match of ping pong with my roommate, I have to wonder. Okay, I haven't played ping pong since the 2nd grade at Raymond Lee's house, and now, about 45 minutes after I picked up a Ping Pong paddle, we're going at it like a scene out of Forrest Gump. What is this? Seeing as it is "our first night, first hour, first day, and first year at Colby" how the hell do you think we will fare at the end of our senior year. Honestly, I think we can do pro.

I have to analyze ping pong from a tennis players point of view. All it is is relaxed tennis. You sway back and forth and your hands move in a mechanical fashion, hand to and from your chest, your left hand doing what it usually does each and every time the ball comes around to your side of the net. Spins, lobs, forehands, backhands...all are irrelevant. What is cool about ping pong, though, is its speed. It really gets to you after a while. Seeing professionals play it seems like they are on crack or speed. Once you get the routine down, it all becomes second action. Flick of the wrist here, tap of the paddle there, you get to know all the nuances of playing a good game of ping pong. Unlike tennis, there is no steep learning curve, and it is not as tiring as badminton or tennis. Have I found my new sport of choice? I do not want to be caught up in all the Asian stereotypes and all, but hey, come on now, what do you want me to play? Football?


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