Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What is this? Is this...wind?

So, I'm going to be taking a cue from one of the blogs I follow online and start out all my blogs in a chronological time sequence, starting with the description of the weather. (I know, I know, Kojima is an idiot, but he still writes a nice blog.)

The rain is coming down horribly today. Torrential rainstorms and 50 MPH winds. Wow. Plus, to make it all worse, it's like 30-40 degrees outside, and that's not even taking into account the certain windchill factor that makes you swear it's 20 degrees below the actual temperature! This must be the remants of Hurricane Wilma which ravaged Florida, Mexico, and parts of the Caribbean these past few weeks. But yeah, the weather was just so goshdarn shitty that I didn't even want to get up for my 9:30 class. I wanted to get breakfast with my roommate, however, so I diligently strapped on my boots, put on my rainjacket and prepared to go out into the unknown.

This week is going to be a fun week. We will probably get back all our midterms at our class meetings. Thus far, I have received two of my midterms, both of which apparently gives me an obligatory ticket to ride a rollercoaster. I don't know what rollercoaster. How is my emotional state today? Rickety like a wooden coaster? Or squeaky and imposing like a metal one? Who knows? I certainly don't know. But yeah, I was totally disappointed with my Government midterm. I thought I had it down, and that my minor mistakes (which I knew I made) would not bring me down so much. But I got a "B" in it, and since it's 30 percent of my grade, I guess that sucks. My professor tried to get the whole classes' hopes up though, when he mentioned that these are usually the lowest grades of the semester. He better be damn sure about that. Better news came when I got my Math midterm, I got an "A" in it, but that was not surprising. Coming from AB Calc AP with DeAndre Calhoun can prepare you for even the toughest math course. (As an aside: we were learning rectangular approximation methods today. I was just laughing to myself the entire time as my professor described LRAM, MRAM, and RRAM in extreme detail. I was like, F this, I can do this in my sleep!) I should be in Calc Honors or Multivariable Calculus at the moment, except I didn't want to weigh myself down too much at the beginning of my Colby career and I determined that a little review wouldn't hurt. So, only midterm left is East Asian Studies. I believe I got an excellent grade in that, seeing as my short identifications of terms were short essays in and of themselves. Except for the last identification of "Tang Taizong." I just blanked out on the important details on him, but I managed to eke out his dates and his biographical detail. However, I didn't explain his significance to Chinese History all too much. I hope the professor will be in a good mood and just say, "Oh well, this test would be marred if I made such a grievous markdown on this last ID. I shall give him an 'A.'" Yeah, like that will happen. o_O


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