Saturday, January 14, 2006

Weird Weather

Explain to me this: how can it be that two days ago it was 10 degrees with severe snowstorms and now be 54 degrees with torrential downpours?! How? I am seriously befuddled! I mean, it's hotter here in Maine than it is in San Francisco. And this is January Maine we are talking about. Not March Maine or September Maine. JANUARY Maine. This is the time when all the horror stories are supposed to come true; when temperatures plummet to -20, the wind is so harsh that your face gets ripped to shreds, and the snow pelts you with the force of a single black hole. But why am I complaining? It just feels more like home!


Anonymous Jess said...

Yeah, thanks for the reminder. I cannot believe it's colder here. Gives me hope for Chicago though. Maybe it won't be too bad.
Maybe? Please?

3:04 AM  

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