Saturday, February 18, 2006

Adventures in OS: Part 1

This is more of a heads-up, rather than an informational post.

As of late, I have very very very briefly delved into other operating systems other than Windows XP Pro. (In no way am I claiming to have mastered these operating systems and in no way am I claiming to be a technological guru. I just want to share my perception of these two particular OS'es as a person comfortable enough to actually do this kind of thing.) On my Intel Pentium M Dell XPS Laptop, I installed Mac OS X 10.4.3 DTK and Ubuntu Linux ver. "Breezy Badger." In a later post, I will document what I went through in terms of the initial installation and a very short playtime in them.

As a teaser, one major point of contention for both was hardware compatibility and installation...and I'll have more details later.


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