Monday, March 06, 2006

Natalie Portman: Rapper? A Darn Good One.

QUICKTIME Version: Courtesy Milk and Cookies

WINDOWS MEDIA Version: Courtesy I-Am-Bored

omg...haha Natalie Portman is actually a pretty good rapper. My favorite parts:

- a little girl in an Amidala costume asks for her autograph on a piece of paper, Natalie grabs the paper and throws it in the air

- Natalie claims she can drink all night (then proceeds to smash a bottle on her head)

- Natalie says "i'll sit down right on your face and take a sh*t"

She looks like she's having fun throughout the whole skit, which is a really big plus to her.

(EDIT 03/06/2006 5:20EST: NBC's lawyers told YouTube to remove the Portman vid from their site. Thus, I had to resort to desperate measures to bring you this classic piece of humor. My apologies to those who do not have the Quicktime plugin. It should be easy to acquire.)

(EDIT 03/06/2006 5:30EST: Ok, this is just dumb. After I found that the embeddable flash video from YouTube was inaccessible by people, I went to a different site and sneakily stole the page source code for an embeddable Quicktime version of the movie. Apparently though, this site does not want 'linking' content from their site. Now I am forced to send you to that site to view it, instead of viewing it from the cozy confines of this blog. GAH! I was able to find an embeddable version after a while of looking, but realized it was in Windows Media as to not discriminate against Mac users (who make up about 10 percent of my reader base), I shall give everyone the option to choose what format they would like to view the vid in. That is, until NBC gets ahold of these renegade sites and forces them to take off the content.)


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