Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Ocarina

I was talking to my friend today who was ranting and raving on how he would do anything at that moment to be able to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time again. This brought back very fond memories. I loved playing OOT so much that I actually bought a real, working, exact replica of Link's blue ocarina back in 1999. Apparently, the place where I purchased my ocarina still exists.

Yet, it was disappointing when I looked at the Zelda ocarinas they are now selling. They seem to be highly glossed over and polished, unlike the one that I bought. The one I bought had a very rustic aesthetic to it. The ones they now sell look very "mass produced." Mine was made of rough clay (not glossed or shiny), the holes in the ocarina were imperfectly cut, and the clay was not molded evenly, leaving slight dents and dimples on the surface. To me, this was really awesome. It was like this ocarina that I was playing came straight out of Link's pocket.

In fact, I did play the Ocarina, managing to learn pretty much all of the songs from Ocarina of Time (such as Saria's Song, Song of Time, Zelda's Lullaby). It was quite fun, and now I wonder where I put the darn thing...


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