Saturday, May 06, 2006

North Korea: Super Awesome or Super CRAZY?

In East Asian History class today we talked about the evolution of North Korea from fledgling, isolated communist state in the 1950s to the fledgling, isolated communist state it is today. Under the direction of two eccentric leaders (more notably Kim Jong Il than his father), North Korea has gone pretty much nowhere over its more than half a century of existence. It's neighbor to the south, South Korea, has exploded in terms of the economic and political clout it holds in the international scene.

From a purely childish point of view (barring all notions of human rights violations, government corruption, and hostility towards the United States), North Korea is quite a happening place. That is, if your name is Kim Jong Il. This guy kidnaps Japanese film directors and recreates blockbuster American movies with him in the lead role. He has an impressive garage of exotic cars. His culinary taste intimidates even the most jaded of palettes; wines imported (illegally) from Napa Valley, Beluga caviar from Russia's royal reserves, foie gras from the best farms in France. His bodyguards are made up of an elite guard, trained to withstand the harshest conditions and concrete blocks being smashed on their faces. His gun collection is wide and extensive, containing standard issue rifles from the armed forces of more than 25 countries; soldiers and aides also proclaim great respect for Kim Jong Il's marksmanship abilities, they say he is "most deadly." He's pretty much the only person in the country with internet access. He has an assortment of grand villas scattered across the country; one inland palace has seawater pumped in just because Kim wants to swim in sea water sometimes. He's a huge fan of the NBA, always up to date with current standings; Madeline Albright presented him with a souvenir autographed basketball signed by Michael Jordan. He's supposedly has had nine illegitimate children and is constantly seen as drunk or divulging in "sexual excess" affairs.

I want to go to North Korea to see what it's life to live in a country run by this kind of leader. If you get anything out of this post, go to this Flash detailing the Korean Friendship Association...AWESOME music. Believe me, just wait for it.

Oh! And don't forget to pick up your official North Korean badge over at the government's gift shop! Sweet!


Blogger CrimsonKing said...

Yeah I'd have to go with Super CRAZY! BTW, I found your blog because you're basically the only other person who has "" on their interests. Go YTMND!

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess who's chillin'? Kim Jong Illin'.

9:27 PM  

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