Friday, August 11, 2006

Are Video Games too Violent?

And here it is folks. The "Loop" debate between two titans on G4TV's Attack of the Show!: anti-videogame lawyer Jack Thompson and the iconic Adam "The Sess" Sessler (as well as some other dude from Gamedaily).

I was surprised with Adam's articulation and his spectacular beatdown of the wacky Florida lawyer; someone finally stood up for what the majority of gamers think. I usually think of Adam as this twitchy guy, who's only remembered for his "x out of 5" comment made famous on X-Play, but his points were well-rounded, especially the one about how an increase in teen violence is caused by other, more sinister social ills. It's asses like Jack Thompson who try to limit and censor entertainment because of a connection to a few nutty kids who just happened to like playing video games.

Jack brought up how video games like "Doom" are breeding grounds for school shootings. Seriously, how can "Doom" bring out the mass-murderer in a teenager? I could see how today's more realistic and immersive first person shooters can potentially "train" and educate children about firearms, but that's only been possible in the last couple years. Doom freakin' came out in 1993 where the biggest graphical achievements in gaming were that the level designs weren't rectangular grids anymore and how the weapon sprite of your gun "swayed back and forth" to simulate the fluidity of running. Wonderful!

P.S. Olivia Munn is hawt.


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I agree with you. Olivia Munn is teh hawtness!!!

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