Friday, November 18, 2005

It's Friday...

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday I'm in love!

Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn't even start
It's Friday I'm in love

Saturday wait
And Sunday always comes too late
But friday never hesitate...

I don't care if Monday's black
Tuesday Wednesday heart attack
Thursday never looking back
It's Friday I'm in love

Monday you can hold your head
Tuesday wednesday stay in bed
Or thursday watch the walls instead
It's friday i'm in love

Saturday wait
And sunday always comes too late
But friday never hesitate...

Dressed up to the eyes
It's a wonderful surprise
To see your shoes and your spirits rise
Throwing out your frown
And just smiling at the sound
And as sleek as a shriek
Spinning round and round
Always take a big bite
It's such a gorgeous sight
To see you eat in the middle of the night
You can never get enough
Enough of this stuff
It's friday
I'm in love

Yeah, pretty much sums it up. I'm feeling really great today, for some unknown reason. Maybe it's because I got a full night of sleep instead of talking to people in an entirely different time zone*glares at Jess and Byron*. Maybe it's because I did my week's math homework in 10 minutes. Maybe it's because I'm going home in a few days. Maybe because it's sunny outside. Maybe it's becuase I'm listening to some good music. Maybe it's because I'm almost done with my first semester here at college. Maybe it's because life is great. It's a shame I cannot always believe that last one every day :-p. omg so em0.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's freakin snowing!

Yeah, that was last week. The first snow of the season. It was awesome. Today, however, looks crappy. Wet, foggy, and a tad cold. Sounds almost like San Francisco, doesn't it?

From now until next Monday, I shall play the waiting game. The "waiting game," you ask? Yes. The "waiting game." Here on out it shall be a blitzkrieg of looking over Calculus so that I can finish a two hour test in a little under an hour and a half. Crazy? Yes. Stupid? Maybe. Foolish? Just a little. Necessary? ABSOLUTELY. You see, I am in a bit of a predicament. My math teacher Monsieur Professor Hideo Nagahashi would not allow me to take the test any earlier than 2:15pm to be 'considerate to the other department professors.' Well, you know what? F THAT. But I could not say that in front of him, so I merely nodded and agreed with him with a twinkly smile slapped on my face. 2pm? That's not too bad, you might think...seeing as your flight might be later that night, like maybe 7 or 8pm. Well, I got news for you, bucko. It's at FREAKIN' 5:15pm. So, as a recap, I got a two-hour test starting at 2:15 (and even that time is going to fluctuate...2:20?, 2:30? Maybe.) and a flight leaving at 5:10. If I was a regular math student, I would be finished at 4:15 which would make my departure from Colby College a bit too late. I don't want to cut it too close, so I want to be done with the test by 3:45. HAHAHA. I have called upon the Math geniuses in the UHS Class of 2006 to will me their math powers for the duration of the test in which I will start to glow an unhealthy sheen of yellow...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Starscream was a whiny bitch.

In order to celebrate my coming back, I shall give you a great pic:

I present you with the most awful costume ever! That is supposed to be Starscream from Transformers. Now tell me this, did Starscream wear a black-shirt and jeans? No, I don't think so.

I've had a lot of work over these past few weeks...I'll get back into posting, I promise!